Advantages of Global Talent Stream Canada

Global Talent Stream is an online portal managed by Canadian citizenship and immigration services that aim at helping global talent find jobs in Canada. Global Talent Stream was launched in June of 2021. The launch was motivated by the partnership between Immigration, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (IRCA) and the Employment and Social Development Canada(ESDC). Besides, CIC Global Talent Stream helps foreign professionals to be committed in enhancing diversity in their workplace through… The innovative idea of providing online portals for global candidates is gaining popularity across the world among agencies that are specialized in finding placements for global talent. Click here –

Where Is The Best Global Talent Stream Canada?

The portal has six categories: designated placement country, designated country, temporary regional, global network/local, and industry vertical. In each category, candidates with required qualifications are categorized on the basis of experience, education, language ability, job priority and market. The portal further contains basic online tools like application forms, job search tools, database of global job ads, and global internet tools including search engines. It also provides online registration, which can be accessed by employers across the country or in any other location where a CIC representative is available. When an ad is placed using Global Talent Stream, it is sent to a specialized team of recruiters, who carefully review the ad and send their response back to the applicant. This ensures that the global candidate receives timely responses and is able to know about the available positions in real time.

Today, Canada has a very flexible work scenario with various options for permanent residence and flexible working hours. Though Canada offers a very attractive package of benefits to international professionals, there are still many obstacles for them to migrate to Canada permanently. Many global talent have opted for temporary work permits in Canada, mainly because they require no investment for the duration of the working visa. By acquiring permanent resident status or citizenship from Canada, temporary foreign workers have a real chance to migrate to Canada and enjoy all the benefits associated with Canadian citizenship.

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