Al Fakher Shisha Flavors

Al Fakher has been around since 1999 and they have a wide selection of mouth-watering shisha flavors to satisfy the needs of any hookah enthusiast. They also have tobacco and tobacco-free shisha lines. Al Fakher has an array of fruity flavors to choose from as well as more traditional shisha options like mint and double apple.

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One of the most popular Al Fakher shisha flavors is their watermelon flavor. It is a great fruity choice that can be smoked for hours and provides a smooth smoke with thick clouds. It is one of the sweetest Al Fakher Shisha Flavors so it is definitely a must try!

Another favorite is their grape mint shisha. It is a great option for any fruity lover who enjoys the zest of a fresh green grape with a hint of refreshing mint. This is a perfect flavor to share with friends or family during a relaxing hookah session.

The AF Orange is another popular option among many shisha lovers. This flavor is a blend of citrusy orange with mint to provide a refreshing taste and aroma. This is a great option for anyone who enjoys the taste of orange or is looking for a new hookah tobacco to try.

Besides these great flavors, Al Fakher has a lot more to offer with their tobacco and non-tobacco shisha lines. If you’re interested in trying some of their other flavors, then be sure to check out their full line up. You can find their jars online or in any local hookah lounge.

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