Best Password Security Apps

best password security apps

Using a password manager isn’t just about making your online life easier, it’s about increasing your security by locking down logins, Wi-Fi passwords, memberships and software licenses behind a single master key. They also help you avoid phishing attacks, cyber threats and data leaks.

Top password managers s built into the Apple ecosystem and offers auto-fill, 2FA, a strong password generator and a secure vault for your data. But it lacks features that you get with other top password managers, such as password sharing and an ability to scan your accounts for reused or weak passwords.

Unlocking Convenience and Safety: A Comprehensive Review of the Best Password Managers in 2023

LastPass offers multiple layers of protection, including a Breach Watch feature that monitors stolen passwords and alerts you to changes on your bank account. It has a fleshed-out free plan, is easy to use across all your devices and works with Apple Watch.

Dashlane has excellent platform support and intuitive apps for iOS, Android, macOS and Windows. It uses zero-knowledge architecture, 2FA and a strong password generator. It also comes with a security report, a bulk password changer and a robust browser extension. It’s the only password manager to offer free tiers for families.

Sticky Password is a simple and straightforward password manager with an intuitive user interface, a strong password generator and an automatic password change option. It’s available for a wide range of platforms and is easy to use with the iPhone’s built-in Safari browser. The app is open source, meaning you can check the code to find bugs and report them, which is great for keeping it secure.

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