Bust Down Rolex Datejust

If you’re a fan of popular culture, you’ve probably seen the term “bust down” used to refer to watches that have been encrusted with diamonds. It’s a very popular practice among contemporary watch enthusiasts and has become an extremely common way to customize Rolex timepieces, especially the Datejust. Link : https://www.thewatchgoat.com/bust-down-rolex/p/bust-down-rolex-datejust-41mm

How do you clean a Rolex bust down?

A bust down rolex is a Rolex that has had diamonds added to it by an independent gem-setter. These gem-setters use hi-tech machinery to drill tiny holes into the metal with absolute accuracy.

After they are done, the diamonds are then meticulously set with prongs or tension and channel settings. This is a very expensive process and the results are truly spectacular, but it can be risky if not performed properly.

Most people don’t know that it takes a lot of skill and precision to create a bust down watch. First, you have to start with an original non-diamond Rolex and then take it apart piece by piece so that each piece can be encrusted with diamonds.

Usually, the bust down process will encrust every part of the watch (case, bracelet, bezel and dial) in diamonds. However, there are some cases where the diamonds will only be encrusted on certain parts of the watch, such as the case or bezel.

The most common watch to bust down is the Rolex Datejust. This watch has a classic design that works well with the diamonds that are added to it. It also has a clean and simple dial that doesn’t distract from the legibility of the watch.

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