Call in a Collection Agency for Claims

Creditors hire debt collectors to help them collect past-due debts. But debt collectors can violate your rights, and the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act provides certain protections that you should use to fight back. Check this out :

What is debt collection process?

Send a Cease and Desist letter: Sending a cease and desist letter can help stop unwanted communications and erroneous information on your credit report. Also, you can ask the collector to verify the debt in writing if you do not believe it is valid. Maintain a communication log: A communication log can help you document the dates and times that the collector calls, and what they say. A simple notepad or spare piece of paper will do, or you can keep a log on your computer. It can help you track who’s calling and where, and document inconsistencies between what different collectors tell you.

Dispute the debt: Debt collectors must validate the debt in writing within 30 days of contacting you, and they can’t keep calling until they do. This can include providing the specific amount that you owe, and that it truly belongs to you. It may also include telling you the legal amount of time that the debt can be legally held against you, depending on your state laws.

Some debt collectors will try to get you to voluntarily make a minimal payment, saying that this will show good faith and help your credit. But making a small payment, even if you think it’s for the wrong debt or the statute of limitations has passed, can restart the legal clock and revive your obligation to pay.

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