Factors To Consider When Formulating Your Compliance Training Program

Compliance training program

A multi-year compliance training program is a major commitment by an organization to consistently assess its systems, processes, policies and practices to make sure they’re operating within the highest level of compliance with relevant legislation, regulations, government standards and rules. It is also an important gauge of how committed your organisation is to improve procedures and enhancing productivity. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle and expense of re-establishing your entire compliance management process, then consider a compliance training program that works for your business.


When planning a training program for compliance, it is critical to consider all the participants in the team. This may include managers, analysts, clerical workers, office support staff and even your worst performing employees. The success of your training plan will depend on the involvement and contribution of each team member makes. Remember that the compliance training program will be your foundation on which your business will be built, so ensure that all the teams participating in it share the same goals. Make sure that your team develops clear objectives and a shared framework for successfully completing the program. The ultimate success of your training program will depend on how dedicated and involved your staff are.


In addition to considering the participation of each team in your compliance training program, you should also consider the interests, abilities and knowledge of each staff member. Remember that the regulators want to see your organisation operate according to the code of regulation, so ensure you consider all the aspects when formulating your program. For example, some regulators want to see that your company adheres to all the rules regarding the safe storage of food and drinks, and others will want to know how your business handles complaints and appeals from customers. All the staff members’ expertise and potential areas of responsibility should be considered when formulating your coursework. Consideration of these factors will help you ensure that each team member’s contribution is felt throughout the entire compliance management system. As long as you have put a considerable amount of thought into the design of the coursework, and followed the course outline, your business will benefit in many different ways.

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