Handmade Jewellery London

handmade jewelry london

When it comes to the handmade jewellery london, there is quite a bit of choice. From jewellery artisans who only use recycled precious metals to those who craft their pieces with love and care in their own studios, there are many options when it comes to ethically made jewelry. But what really sets these designers apart is their passion and dedication to their craft. The fact that they don’t rely on mass production means they can take their time and focus on the details of each piece – which is what truly gives it that handmade feel. Find out lordoflondon.com

Founded by Mhairi Cameron, this independent fine jewellery brand offers sculptural and modern high fashion designs. Her pieces are handcrafted using sterling silver and gold, often incorporating symbolic pendants or chains that reflect the wearer’s individuality. She is also committed to transparency and accountability in her supply chain and works closely with independent, reputable suppliers who source their materials ethically. She is also happy to rework old heirloom jewellery into new, more contemporary pieces.

London’s Creative Sparkle: Exploring the World of Handmade Jewellery

Based in Belfast, this minimalist jewellery brand is for ‘normal girls who work hard to keep it simple’. Designed with thought and obsessive attention to detail, the pieces are crafted by hand by Belfast-based designer Rebekah Johanson in her studio in a big old converted linen mill. She sources her raw materials ethically and ships her pieces worldwide. Each order is sent in endearing Instagram-worthy packaging and accompanied by a personal thank you note from Rebekah herself.

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