Scamalytics IP Review

scamalytics ip

Scamalytics ip helps businesses protect themselves against online fraud. Its IP fraud checker uses a global database of known scammers and their IP addresses to identify and block fraudulent traffic. It helps prevent chargebacks and maintain good standing with your payment processor, reducing your costs.

How Scamalytics works

Scammers create hundreds of fake profiles, often from one computer or network, in order to maximize efficiency. These accounts may share similar images or phrases, which can make it difficult to determine whether they are real. Scamalytics works with dating app companies to identify these patterns through machine learning.

How Scamalytics IP Lookup is Protecting Online Consumers from Fraud and Scams

The ip that a new user uses is checked against the global database of known scammers to identify potential problems. If Scamalytics finds an IP address that matches a known scammer’s information, it notifies the dating site and automatically blocks that account.

Aside from dating sites, Scamalytics also partners with companies in other industries, including finance and gaming. Their technology helps stop scams before they start, reducing the risk of fraud and improving customer experiences.

How it works

Scamalytics uses a combination of blacklists and machine learning to monitor new user profiles on a variety of networks. Its algorithms identify common phrases and patterns that have been used by scammers in the past, and check them against its database of known scammers.

Its team then scores the new IP address in real time, determining its fraud score based on that data. If the new IP address scores high on the score, it is flagged and reported to the company.

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