Testosterone UK Survey Explores Possible Health Risks Associated With TRT

TRT uk

The TRT UK survey is a comprehensive online research project which was established in 2021 and which seeks to understand the factors that are potentially responsible for the variations between males and females in their testosterone levels. This is especially important because this can help us to discover if there are any gender specific health risks due to these variations, as well as any potential protective benefits that may be associated with them. The aim of this particular research is to inform the public about the possible benefits as well as any risks that could be posed by alterations in the levels of testosterone. Some of the key areas that were explored in this research are:


Testosterone Blood Test

One of the main contributing factors to variations in testosterone levels is the fact that many people have a problem with their pituitary gland, known as the hypothalamus. The function of the pituitary gland is to secrete growth hormones such as luteinizing hormone (LH), which are needed in the process of puberty, and later, the replacement of these hormones by another, known as estrogen. In the past, the LH was thought to be responsible for controlling the production of testosterone, with the intention of promoting sexual maturity and sexuality. However, it has now been discovered that the regulation of testosterone production is actually controlled by another gland called the follicle duct which is directly connected to the prostate gland.


The other possible area of interest lies in the areas surrounding the testicles themselves. These testicles are enclosed in a capsule-like covering which is primarily responsible for absorbing the hormones produced by the testicles into the bloodstream. It is possible for the contents of this capsule to escape into the scrotum, which can then in turn block the release of testosterone levels. Another problem that may develop is a lack of blood flow towards the testicles, causing them to be dehydrated and in effect, lower their levels of testosterone. As a result, this can potentially reduce sperm production and testicular function in both males and females.

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