The Metal Recycling Solution

The Metal Recycling Solution is the answer to your scrap metal problems. It’s a complete solution for all your metals–including copper and steel–that’s suitable for reuse in many industries. The solution makes recycling simple and cost-effective, and provides visibility into operations to minimize operational risks. It also strengthens your competitive edge, increases margins, and reduces operational costs. If you are considering a new software solution, here are some of the top options: Click for more information

Why Politicians Should Spend More time On The Metal Recycling Solution

Metal Recycling Solution

It can help you set up contracts of any type. Whether you need to make a yearly volume contract or one based on the content of the metal, you can create a customized contract. You can set up hedging with the London Metal Exchange, for example. All contracts are sent electronically to business partners, and signatures can be added electronically for paperless handling. This will save you time and money in preparing your invoices and paperwork.

The Metal Recycling Solution can post new inventories automatically to the accounting system at month-end. Each entry is comprised of the evaluated inventory gain or loss, and can be broken down by profit center. The solution offers a comprehensive suite of applications, including linkage of sales and purchase contracts, generation of shipping documents, and order transportation. You can control your contractual position continuously. With AMD’s Metal Recycling Solution, you’ll get the maximum benefits from the recycling process.

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